Data Management & Reporting

We have a specialist team of data professionals that knows everything about the powerful database design and execution. Our well-designed data warehouse and database helps businesses to grow quickly. Besides, we have also transcendent offerings to small business run that can gain impactful decision-making data from various databases. Our team also helps you in improving efficiency, where we have ETL processes that run for several hours much faster and prompt. Besides, we have an exceptional queryable reporting system with the reporting dashboards so we can answer all questions needed for your business. So if you're facing a database problem, you're on the right track. We at DSS IT Solutions, have already solved many database problems of our clients and they know the efficiency of tackling it. Our experts always follow the modern technologies for the database as well as reporting solutions. With the assistance of DSS IT Solutions, you can get top-notch functionality for mapping and processing of spatial data. Besides, you'll also be greatly able to ally time-series as well as records with various spatial features.

We have a robust data integration efficiency by which you can import past and real-time data from various references that include text files, database solutions, and other spreadsheets. Here you also become able to produce custom-made reports which are a combination of text, maps, tables, charts, reports and all. With DSS, you can share report subsequently or can also distribute a list of emails.

DSS IT Solutions allows you to save and retrieve documents and facility to access them anytime, anywhere. You can freely use it during emergency situations. We also facilitate you with the audit log by which you can find the particular data which is about to develop. Moreover, with the help of system-generated information, you can also add textual explanations to the audit log and thus you can also maintain your own meta-data schema that can efficiently under your data. Besides, there are a lot of other offers also waiting for you. Let's experience us once!